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As an energy broker, we can easily save you many thousands of pounds every year. Get a free, no-obligation energy price to see how much your company can save:

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Recent savings as of July 2018:    £30,456     –    £806,000     –     £4,665

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When your business spends this much on energy, you need a commercial energy broker which specialises in large-scale gas and electricity procurement.

We analyse everything, including MPAN, MPRN, HH, NHH, KvA, AQ, ASC, CCL, DUoS and contract terms, and use them to offer your company an energy contract where you could pay thousands less every year – all with a seamless switchover.

Plus, as a broker with 17 years of experience and long-term working relationships with the UK’s largest energy suppliers, including E.ON, British Gas, EDF, Scottish Power, Scottish & Southern and dozens of subsidiaries, we can actively negotiate rates to give you the best possible deal.

We’re here to save considerable time and money for some of the UK’s largest commercial energy consumers – and we won’t charge you a penny.

Big business energy brokers?

We specialise in energy brokering for companies spending £40,000 to £3million+ on energy per annum, with exclusive negotiated rates for larger contracts. If your business spends this much, or more, don’t decide on a new deal until you have a free quote from us. You could save thousands more.

We won’t charge you

As a business energy broker, we’re paid a commission directly by the chosen supplier.

You’ll always receive the lowest prices without any obligation to take them, and the quotes we give you are entirely inclusive of all costs.

Save time and money

We’ll gather the required information on your behalf, analyse your existing energy contract, carry out the tender process, negotiate rates and present deals to you with our recommendations. We’ll then switch you over seamlessly with no downtime if you decide.

3 simple steps:

1). Sign the authority letter and return it to us

2). We’ll carry out the analysis, tender and negotiation processes.

3). Review the recommended deals, choose a new deal and we’ll switch your contract.

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