Spend over £40,000 p/a on commercial electricity? Save with electricity procurement

With commercial electricity procurement, we can source new deals from the major suppliers at discounted rates which could save your company tens of thousands of pounds. Obtaining free, no-obligation quotes is easy:

1). Request a call back using the form to the right.

2). One of our electricity procurement specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

3). With some basic information, we’ll source alternative electricity deals which fulfil your supply needs and can save many thousands of pounds. Want to switch? We can handle that for you seamlessly.

Recent electricity savings as of July 2018:    £30,456     –    £806,000     –     £4,665

Request a Call Back for a Business Electricity Quote

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With commercial electricity procurement, we’ll source new deals from the UK’s major suppliers, including exclusive rates unique to us, which could save your company tens of thousands of pounds every year.

Over 17 years, we’ve built long-standing relationships with dozens of energy firms, and can leverage these to secure lower rates for your business which you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

All we need are your basic electricity usage details. We’ll then carry out tender and negotiation processes with the likes of E.ON, British Gas, EDF, Scottish power, Scottish & Southern and many other suppliers.

You’ll then receive our sourced deals with our recommendations, and if you want to switch seamlessly, we can handle that for you as well.

It’s big business electricity procurement which takes everything off your hands and can save you thousands – and we won’t charge you a penny.

Spend £40k to £3mill+ per annum?

We specialise in electricity procurement for large-scale companies. We have the infrastructure to handle multiple sites and the complexities involved, and we’ve negotiated exclusive rates with major suppliers for larger contracts. Before you look anywhere else, receive free commercial electricity quotes from us first, as you could save thousands more.

No direct charges

With our electricity procurement services, we’re paid a commission by the energy supplier, so we won’t charge you anything directly.

The deals we obtain for you are without obligation, and the prices are inclusive of all costs with no surprises.

The easiest way to save

We’ll handle every stage of the electricity procurement process, including contract analysis, tendering, negotiation and switchover if you would like to move to a new deal.

The only thing you’ll notice is a lower electricity bill for your company.

3 simple steps:

1). Sign the authority letter and return it to us

2). We’ll carry out the full electricity procurement process

3). Review the recommended deals, and if you choose new deal, we’ll switch your contract.

We work with

plus over 20 more specialist energy suppliers across the UK