Energy Broker FAQ

Common questions and answers regarding energy brokering and energy procurement
What is an energy broker?

As an energy broker, we can help your business find cheaper business energy – often with savings of many thousands of pounds every year.

We work by taking your existing gas or electricity contract details, and then accessing relationships with the UK’s largest energy suppliers to receive better deals which save you money. This involves everything from efficiency improvements, to tenders and negotiations. We can even help to switch your contract over seamlessly.

There’s a lot involved in energy brokering, but you can leave everything to us. Simply supply your basic energy details and we’ll handle the rest to present you with alternative energy deals which can save your company thousands.

How do you specialise in big business energy?

Energy supplies for larger companies (usually spending anywhere from £40,000 to £3million+ per year on gas and electricity) are more complex than standard small business energy contracts. For example, there may be multiple sites, different metering systems and direct, high-volume supplies from the grid.

This is why we’ve focused our expertise on energy procurement for some of the UK’s largest firms. As well as being able to handle the technicalities of larger contracts, we’ve also forged relationships with energy providers to source better deals specifically for larger annual spends.

As a broker, how do you obtain such low energy rates?

Over the past 17 years, we’ve built relationships with the UK’s largest energy suppliers, and work with them on a regular basis.

Like most brokers, we receive rates which are often not available to the public. However, we’ve went one step further by negotiating some rates which are exclusive to our energy brokerage – especially for larger contracts.

Our advice: Try us with a free, no-obligation energy quote before you make your decision. There could be thousands more to be saved.


Which energy suppliers do you work with?

We regularly work with the “Big 6” energy suppliers and their subsidiaries, including:

Npower, Eon, British Gas, EDF, Scottish power, Scottish & Southern.

Powergen, RWE, SSE, Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric, Atlantic Electric & Gas, SWALEC, Seeboard, London Energy, SWEB, Electricity for Business, Scottish Gas, Electricity Direct, Enron, Bizzenergy.

We will access all these suppliers, including specialist firms depending on your needs, to seek out some of the lowest gas and electricity rates available in the UK today.

Are you independent?

Yes. We are entirely driven by giving you the best energy deal available regardless of supplier. Providing that they offer the lowest rates and a service to suit your company, we’ll recommend them accordingly.

Can I choose which energy deal to use?

Yes. Often, especially with larger contracts, we’ll present multiple deals to you with varying terms and savings. We’ll also use our 17 years of energy consultancy experience to recommend the deal you should take, but you are free to choose.

Do I have to take one of the deals you provide?

No. Our service is free and without obligation, so contact us anytime for a commercial energy quote. While the vast majority of businesses do take one of the deals we offer, you are free to change your mind or take a different offer elsewhere – right up until you sign on the dotted line

Can you offer electricity and gas procurement?

Yes. We can provide a combined energy procurement package to give you savings for all of your energy usage, or we can obtain quotes for specific electricity or gas contracts.

How are your quotes free?

We’ll never charge you directly, as we take a commission from the energy supplier of your choice. You will always receive the lowest rates, and the prices we give you are inclusive of all costs so you’ll immediately know how much you can save.

Do I have to talk with any of the energy companies?

Not at all. We will liaise with them on your behalf to give you some of the UK’s lowest rates for your commercial requirements. The signed letter of authority allows us to take care of everything for you, including a switch to a new contract with your written permission.

What is the letter of authority?

When you sign the letter of authority (LOA) we provide, you’ll give us permission to contact your existing supplier, obtain all of your energy usage details and then use them to procure new energy deals for you.

Your existing energy contract will not be effected whatsoever, and we won’t do anything to it unless you give us written consent that you wish to accept a new deal and switch the contract over.

Can you switch my contract?

Yes. If you would like to accept one of the energy deals we provide, we can seamlessly switch your contract to the new supplier on your behalf with no downtime or disruption whatsoever. The only thing you’ll notice is a cheaper energy bill.

What do you need from me to provide an energy quote?

All we need is a signed letter of authority and some basic details regarding your sites and existing contract. We can then obtain all of the information needed from your existing supplier and begin the tender and negotiation process to obtain the best quote for you.

When you request a business energy quote and we get in touch with you, we’ll detail exactly what is needed and can answer any questions you may have.

How do I know that the new energy contract is sufficient for our company needs?

We use some basic information and a letter of authority (LOA) to analyse all of your company’s existing energy requirements. The energy deals we provide for your consideration will be based on these requirements, so you know that any deal you choose will give your company everything needed in terms of energy supply.

Can you have contracts backdated?

Sometimes, yes. We’ll analyse your data, and if we spot anything unusual, we can work to have your company credited with any amounts you are due.

For example, one of our clients with a £3million annual energy spend received a saving of £806,000 per year, and also had £412,000 credited to their account via backdated contracts.

Another client was being charged for units which weren’t theirs, and with a £63,000 annual spend, they received a £90,000 lump sum back.

We will check all of this as part of our standard energy procurement process, with the ability to backdate any discrepancies by up to 6 years.

If I request a call back, when will you contact me?

If you request a call back within office hours (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday), we’ll usually call you back within 1-2 hours to discuss your business energy requirements.

Alternatively, please get in touch via our online contact form or via e-mail, and we’ll respond as soon as we can. You can also request a call back via the link above and let us know a convenient time to call if you prefer.

Can I call you directly?

Once we begin the energy procurement process, you will receive an email and phone number to contact our senior broker directly for any questions.

For the initial correspondence, it’s best to request a call back or contact us online. This allows us to assign a dedicated broker to your company so you always have the same specialist to talk to who knows your business.