Why choose Commercial Energy Brokers?

The energy market is highly competitive.

The brokerage market even more so.

The aim is to save you money with the best possible energy deal for your company, but there’s much more to consider too.

From the initial chat, to the tender, negotiation, switchover and aftercare service, here are some reasons to consider obtaining a energy quote from us before you make your final decision.


Request a Call Back for a Business Energy Quote

Large business energy consumers only

We focus exclusively on businesses that consume large amounts of energy – anywhere from £40k p/a through to £3m+ p/a or beyond.

This allows us to tailor our services to such clients, deal with the complexities typical of larger companies, and form avenues in the most suitable areas of the market.

Big contracts are not just something we can cope with. They’re what we’re here to do.

No cold calling

Many energy brokers out there use cold calling as a key marketing strategy. However, it’s not our cup of tea. We think the best opportunities arise from companies actively seeking better energy deals, not being convinced on a whim.

No sales pressure

We don’t have a team of sales agents fighting to hit targets and scrapping over commissions. Energy and gas are critically important parts of any company, so deals must be carefully considered.

When we present energy deals to you, we’ll provide recommendations based on your usage, and then the choice is yours. We’ll happily switch you over if you accept, and fully understand if you decide to go elsewhere.

Free, no-obligation quotes

All bespoke quotes are completely fee and without any obligation. It’s as simple as that. Try us with a free quote before you decide. We’re confident we can save you even more.

17 years of experience

Our brokers have been in the business for over 17 years. In that time we’ve seen contracts of all shapes and sizes, and had experience working with major UK suppliers through to niche energy providers.

Industry relationships

During the tender, negotiation and formalisation processes, we’ve worked regularly with key personnel in a wide range of energy suppliers. We’ll leverage these relationships when obtaining quotes for your company for direct access to the best deals available.

Focused on giving you the best deal

We don’t just want you to accept an offer. We’d like you to use us for renewals, too.

The only way to do that is by giving you the best deal we can find, with the lowest rates and most reliable service. That way, you’ll be just as happy at the end of the contract as you were at the start.

Bespoke solutions

Sometimes, lower energy rates are secondary objective.

Instead, companies can have complex energy needs that require bespoke systems. This can involve the form of electricity or gas supply, peak demand considerations, multi-site contracts and other logistical challenges.

We can handle these instances, too. No matter how unique or complex.

Effortless switchover

We’ve built considerable experience in switching contracts of all sizes, particularly between different suppliers. If you’re happy to accept a deal, we’ll handle the switchover along with all the paperwork. You’ll experience no downtime or interruptions. Just a cheaper energy bill.

A specialist assigned to your company

Our focus on larger companies with high consumption allows us to form personal and lasting relationships. We’ll assign a dedicated broker to your company who will always be available for questions, advice and renewal considerations.

Easy renewals

When your contract finally ends, it’s another opportunity to see if you can save. Contact us and we’ll source the latest deals available. If you’re happy to accept, we can handle the renewal seamlessly.

Direct and transparent

With the signed letter of authority (LOA) we’ll take care of everything for you as we source energy savings for your company.

While we’ll always advise in your best interests, you remain in control throughout the process. There are no assumptions or “verbal agreements”. The deal is done when you sign on the dotted line with your new supplier.

We also encourage you to ask any questions you wish, and aim to provide a clear breakdown of your new contract. We’ll also clarify the exact rates and charges inclusive of all costs before you decide.

We work with

plus over 20 more specialist energy suppliers across the UK